Grief & Bereavement Therapy

Grieving can start well before a loss, or become prolonged and complicated. Losses that seem similar can hold very different meanings for each of us.

If you are struggling with Grief, remember that you are going through a painful and universal process that has no set time limits.

It has and no right or wrong way of being expressed.

It impacts people spiritually, psychologically, energetically and neurochemically… often all at once.

Loss of anyone or anything we consider important has an impact on our ability to cope with daily living. As a grief specialist, I am keenly aware that practical and social challenges (including estates, traumatic circumstances and community feedback) can add stressors to an already difficult process. It is also common for certain types of loss to be undervalued or misunderstood by others, complicating healing. In the case of companion animal loss, this is especially true.

While not everyone needs grief counselling, studies suggest around 20% of people will benefit from some form of supportive therapy. The goal is to help you identify and remove blocks in your grieving process, however you experience them, so you find hope and live more fully. Professional grief support helps those ‘stuck’ in a difficult process move forward. It is not about moving past or forgetting… it is about supporting you on a personal journey to consolidate the loss into your new life.